Colyer and Cundy
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It all started with my girl freind (later my wife) being late for an appointment.

By chance we ran into an aquaintance at Plough Corner and in the coversation asked him if he new of any bedsits available. He did as he and his brother where about to move out of theirs which was in another of their brothers house so he made an appointment that evening to be interviewd by the house owner brother.

That evening we went along to be told that over seventy people had applied for the flat but it was ours.

The house owner brother (now are landlord) owned a haulage company and taxi firm called AAB. We had no car so asked our landlord if we bought a Transit van would he give us some work. He said yes so we set the ball in motion.

We found an automtic diesel Transit 18cwt van in London (I only have an automatic license) and with 200 borrowed from Mother in law (girlfreind and I were now married) and a hire purchase we were in buisness. The Colyer part of Colyer and Cundy was underway.

Our exlandlord started AAB taxivans which now we where part of and with other self employed van and flat bed owners.

My wife and I now became funature removers and long distant hauliers (at 10p a mile).

To cut a long story short AAB ceased trading , us independant owner drivers grouped together to run a haulage buisness that failed and myself and Mr Cundy joined up to form Colyer and Cundy.